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Trey Madsen.
Visual stimulant and appropriative influence.

Born   in   Yellowknife,   NWT   and   currently   residing   in   Calgary,   AB.   Graduated   from  the  Alberta   College   of   Art   &   Design.
100%  original  by  creative  mind.  An  illustrator  and  artist who  is  always  gathering  and  collecting inspiration  from  the everyday. Embracing  things  like movies,  Netflix,  popular  vibes, music, Instagram, art, and every other virulent influence in between - ranging from   the  conversations  you  hear on  city  transit,  to  the  unique  individuals  you  encounter  at a bar later that evening,  and all the photographs  you  don't   remember  taking  from  the   night  before.  Life  is   beautiful  and   the  world   around  us   is  overwhelming.  

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